MODULE 3: The Nitty Gritty

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Take the first step and begin to learn how to use SEO to rank your websites in Google in no time!

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50/50 Technique 

This technique allows for both free and paid traffic to your Instagram page. It can get you thousands of new followers per week!

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SEO Tutorial #2
Competition Analysis

This is necessary when doing SEO. It will let you know if it is even possible to rank in the top 3!

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The Ultimate 50k Technique

This video shows exactly how you can make HUGE money with IG! Follow along as Kyle shows you exactly what to do!

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Introduction to
Facebook Advertising

Follow me on this basic tutorial as I show you exactly to create your very first Facebook Advertisement.

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 Shoutouts 101

My step by step guide for purchasing ads on Instagram and which ads you should run for the best results.

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Intro To IG Ads: FREE Technique

Follow me on this basic tutorial as I show exactly how I would get free exposure using Instagram.

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IG Case Study

I take you inside of an actual Instagram account that I am running. Step-by-step instruction on exactly how I am growing it!

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